Seth Svalnir

"Everyone wears a mask, I just chose to create my own."

T'was dark times in Eorzea, the warrior of light Jhin Tetsuo, fighting against a deity who had granted him limitless power in exchange for his aether. The Primal Hat had warped and twisted his mind with each passing day, until eventually he broke and was transformed into memoria by the deity.Thus did the opportunity present itself to the Primal Hat, to use this warrior of light and create a copy of him using his emotions as a fragment. Trapped in memoria, Jhin resided in Limbo and was used to reincarnate two fragments of himself...Alexander and Gideon.Alexander was created from Jhins innocence. His class of choice was that of the Red Mage.Gideon was created from Jhins lust. His class of choice were of various, but was frequently seen wielding a crystalized wolf-head tipped cane.With the two reincarnations now alive and well, the Primal Hat secluded these beings into separate timelines, to ensure they would never meet. However, it alerted the attention of the Arbiter of time and thus did the calamity begin.In a battle between the two did the Primal Hat undo the memoria curse on Jhin, summoning him in a state of Rage and unconcious of his own accord. The opportunity had presented itself to the Arbiter and without hesitation did he summon the fragments created from Jhin from beyond the rift.Now engaged in a battle did the fragmented versions help Jhin regain his self awareness and turn their sights against the Primal Hat. Fleeing from the battle, the Arbiter concealed the area in a barrier and returned to his domain allowing the three to deal a final blow to the deity responsible for them being separated.In the after math did they rejoin as one and reincarnate once more with the aether that remained, creating a new life...Seth Svalnir.

Seth is the Leader/Founder of the Free Company Vermillion Story and is occassionaly found at either his FC House with his members or at the Wolves' Den challenging others for the thrill of battle.Outside of work and away from his Free Company, Seth roams Eorzea in search for glamour. Expanding his knowledge for fashion and collecting minions along the way. Seth remains a collector like his incarnations before him. Collecting Minions, Mounts, Orchestrion Rolls and challenging others in Triple Triad.Seths prefered Job/Class is a Gunbreaker, but will resort to Paladin when the challenge presents itself. He also likes to be a Red Mage and a Sage for other duties he may be tasked with. Seth remains a classy gentlemen being humble and wise with those he encounters, even if it should be his partner or patron.Although Seth may be traumatized and cautious of others due to his birth during the calamity of his incarnations, Seth moves foward inspiring others and comforting those who are in need of help. Thus making him forever known to a select few as the Fragmented Memoria.

"The name is Seth Svalnir, I'm a Male Viera from the realm of Limbo. I'm a Master of Trades & skilled Glamour Enthusiast. I'm also the Leader/Founder of the Vermillion Story Free Company on Diabolos."


Name - Seth "Bunbreaker" Svalnir
Age - 29
Gender/Race - Male Viera (Veena)
Birthplace - Realm of Limbo
Occupation - Free Company Leader, Professional Duelist (PvP)
Kinks - [Classified]
Hard-No's - Under-Age, Dishonesty, Scat, Gore, Vore, Rape & Dark ERP.
Likes - Power Naps, Triple Triad, Glamour Hunting, House Decorating, Dungeoneering (Dungeons)
Dislikes - Bad Attitudes, Loot & Scooters, Hypocrites & Entitlement


Seth has two eye colors due to his birth. His right eye is Silver because of his reincarnation from his past life, enabling him to summon his past reincarnations to aid him when needed, it takes 72 hours to recharge this ability.Seths current reincarnations consist of a Au'ra, Miqo'te and Hyur.Seths left eye is brown, a natural color retained from his previous reincarnations.Seth has long brown hair, with single strand of hair across the right side of his face, it is also partially highlighted white due to the reincarnation process.It also serves as a symbol that Seth is very wise and strategic due to all his knowledge from his past life times.Seth has a tattoo under his left eye and always carries his Starbird companion with him everywhere. It is unknown to many as to why his connection to it is so strong and why he will do anything to protect it.Seths eye sight has diminished with each reincarnation which is why he wears glasses. When all of his past reincarnations are summoned, they all share the same eye sight making their movements keen and unpredictable.Seth wears an lunar aetheryte earring on his left ear, gifted to him by his previous reincarnation. This allows him to create anything he needs at will or create portals to venture into as teleportation.


Seth is a gentlemen and is always respectful. He helps those in need and listens very well when engaged into a deep conversation. Seth can become focused at times and when he does, he doesn't stop his task until completion.Having been born from the calamity involving all three of his past lives fighting together against what was known as the Primal Hat, Seth now bears the duty of protecting Eorzea and it's inhabitants, including any partner he may have.Seth may be soft and understanding, compassionate at times when needed, but do not take his kindness for granted. It's easy to gain his trust and friendship, but easy to lose it as well. He can be ruthless when taken advantage of and destructive when triggered. His heart is made of all the emotions created from each life time and as such, will react in ways many won't understand.Seth is Role-Play friendly and any one can approach him to chat with publicly or privately.Seth is Erotic Role-Play friendy and any one can approach him privately for behind the scenes services.

OOC Background

• I am a Straight Male.
• I am Married.
• I am a Father of one.
• I am a veteran army soldier.
• I am respectful to all, please treat me the same.
• I am a Para/Multi Para-Storyteller, I recommend my roleplay partners to match-me and if we are in a relationship IC to EXPECT ERP.
• High-Quality RP/ERP preferred.
• Lazy/Stale RP and rushing RP will earn you nothing.
You must be 18/21+ yrs old in order to roleplay with my character. If you are someone who struggles to differ IC from OOC, please do not RP with me as the way I RP is the way I would personaly act and some partners from my past have gained OOC love for me AND my character which lead to personal issues. I sincerely do not want to make you think I love you on an IRL level, this is in-game RP only.

Lore Disclaimer

The character of Seth was created from a 2-Year RP Story with multiple partners. Re-telling the story from scratch is too long for text and therefore I will not be explaining it in it's entirety, except from the point of Seths reincarnation. Seth is not for everyone and has been a personal invest of time for me.I've had multiple RP Partners which helped me create the character I now play as today and without them I wouldn't have made it this far into my characters creation. I love to RP write with my character with multiple people both Non-Canon and Canon RP Stories which make me feel comfortable.I would like to ask you to not criticize my character's choices OOC, if you are not willing to maintain a proper RP either Canon or Non-Canon, expect me to randomly end the RP at any given time, as I do get bored easily from stale RP.